Thatcher FC 

Here at Thatcher MCS our competitive streak does not end in the office, it also extends out to the football pitch in the form of Thatcher FC.    The Thatcher FC Football Team - Photograph

We are extremely proud of our very own competitive football team and have recently hit our one year anniversary playing as Thatcher FC. However our passion for this extra-curricular activity has not wavered as we continue to enjoy regularly taking part in, as well as hosting, both friendly and competitive matches.

The formation of Thatcher FC has certainly added to an already buoyant office atmosphere; with the football squad regularly competing in an 8-a-side Wednesday Football League at Clifton College Sports Ground. Whatever their fortune - win or lose, the team always enjoy indulging in compulsory post-match beers at unofficial sponsors Racks.

When it comes to hosting their own matches, in July 2016, Thatcher FC held a successful football charity tournament in order to raise funds for Wallace and Gromit’s Grand Appeal at Clifton College Sports Ground. The tournament was comprised of a number of other recruitment groups, split into a total of 6 football teams, all with one trophy and one title at stake. The event was a huge success which we hope to repeat in the near future.

Thatcher FC are also fortunate enough to play (and score goals) in style thanks to the teams generous sponsors; leading defence organisation Northrop Grumman, who very kindly provided the funds for our playing kit and training tops, ensuring that we look the part on the pitch.

Thatcher MCS are always on the hunt for more consultants/ players to add to their squad. If you are interested in joining a recruitment consultancy which encourages professional, social and sporting success then please do get in touch to become part of our team.