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“What type of data jobs are there?"

Some of the data professionals most in demand at the moment:

Data scientists – for those comfortable handling crude data and performing analyses in order to present knowledge acquired in an informed way. Up to date with the latest technologies and techniques.

Data architects – for those used to working with the latest technologies in order to integrate, centralise, project and maintain data sources.

Data analysts – those in this role possess a broad skillset. They are familiar with R, SQL and Python as part of their basic knowledge, and know how to combine analytical knowledge with “out-of-the-box” thinking. 

Data and analytics managers – for those who possess a wide breadth of skills in various advancements – including SQL, R and SAS. Comfortable relaying information to groups.

Data jobs

Driving operational intelligence and improving user experience, data jobs often involve exploring and examining data from disparate sources, monitoring IT infrastructure, and dealing with an ever growing number of challenging projects.

Demand for data professionals is high, with those who possess the necessary skillsets prized for their “new breed” of skills – able to deal with unstructured data and deliver informed solutions.


Key Data Skills

PigLatin | MapReduce | SPSS | Stata | MatLab | Hadoop | SQL Azure | Windows Azure | Oracle | ERP | Java | Python | Scala | Oracle OBIEE | SQL | Excel | SPLUNK | HIVE | SAS | PIG

Demanding a combination of technical proficiency and the ability to communicate and solve business problems, jobs in data suit those who possess strong diagnostic skills. Comfortable delivering informed solutions across enterprise leadership, those in data roles will be able to engage with key stakeholders to convey essential information and recommendations.

Those familiar with advanced statistics software such as SAS or PIG are always in extremely high demand, as are those able to utilise Hadoop, Splunk and Hive when collecting, analysing and visualising data. Those seeking their next Data Analyst role will have an understanding of the Microsoft SQL server or Oracle- those proficient with one or all of these tools are always wanted for work on some highly challenging projects.

Data jobs often suit those who come from a quantitative background, who are able to apply their innovative insights and contribute to the continued growth and strategy of evolving enterprises. Pairing strong business acumen with a talent for statistics, data jobs are ideal for those who want to take an active role in improving business effectiveness.

We recruit for a variety of security cleared data, analytics and big data roles, all of which require SC or DV level clearance. We are always interested in speaking with talented data professionals seeking their next role – especially as demand continues to grow.

For those with the right levels of experience and the necessary qualifications, data roles offer a technical and rewarding career. For more information about the roles we are currently recruiting for, please search the jobs listed below. If you’re interested in speaking with a member of our team about your hiring requirements, please feel free to get in touch.