Why are contract professionals so in demand in the secure sector?

Contract positions within the secure technology sector are currently in high demand. 

The skills shortage continues; with 44% of organisations confessing to staff shortages when it comes to key areas like networking and cyber security, individuals possessing the necessary combination of skills and cleared status are fast becoming an endangered species.  This is doubly true for those who hold permanent positions.

Increasing Demand

This lack of permanent professionals has resulted in increasing demand for cleared contractors – who have become the backbone of successful consumer delivery within the secure technical industries. In a bid to continue supplying their customers with their services, organisations within this sector are rapidly turning to contractors to fill the gaps in their staff. These organisations are continuously looking to expand their delivery capabilities, with the primary goal of increasing technical delivery, and thus ground level technical engineers, software developers and testers have become highly prized staff members.

Whilst the main reason for this shift is the lack of cleared permanent employees, the fact that it is often slightly easier to find contract individuals with the necessary levels of clearance cannot be ignored,  particularly with short lead-times and increasing customer demands within the secure space. This is a result of the trend within contract work to offer high daily rates and greater career diversity. With the array of lucrative and exciting new projects opening up in reaction to the increase in cyber attacks, fraud and our ever-increasing information security needs, contractors within the secure space are reaping the benefits of working on a less permanent basis.

First Responders

As first responders within the secure space, the companies we work with are continuously looking to develop their capabilities and products. It is expected that

“The biggest growth area next year [will] be in ‘cyber security crisis management’, with large organisations bolstering their own in-house security teams as well as calling on specialist contractors.” *

Intent on keeping the central focus on the customer, our clients are eager to speak with technical contract professionals who possess SC or DV level clearance.