What do you mean by "DV Cleared"?


Developed Vetting (or DV) clearance is the highest level of vetting in the UK. Those working on the most sensitive secure projects will be required to be DV Cleared, since often they are required to deal with extremely secret information.  When job ads call for candidates who possess DV status, this is what they are referring to. 

In order to gain clearance, applicants need to undergo a stringent series of evaluations and background checks, in order to determine that you can access sensitive material. 

So how do I gain DV Clearance?

As an individual, you can't apply for DV Clearance. Instead, an employer/organisation needs to sponsor you. If you are considered extremely suited for a job then a company might consider putting you through the process, but we do have to stress that this is an unlikely occurrence. To be eligible for DV clearance, you need to have been a UK resident for 10 years minimum.

Once you are put forward for clearance, there are quite a few checks you'll need to pass. These include: 

- a Baseline Personnel Security Standard

- a Criminal Record check (of course)

- a Credit Reference check and a review of your personal finances (this is usually to check you can't be blackmailed/bribed)

- a Security Service check

- a Departmental/Company records check

- a DV Cleared questionnaire

- a check of your medical and psychological information

Finally, you'll be interviewed, as will your current & previous supervisors, and your character referees. Be prepared for face to face interviews with a vetting officer. Once all of these checks are performed, your information will be assessed and a decision will be reached whether or not to grant clearance. Sometimes, additional information is required, so there may be some further questions. 

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How long does DV Clearance take? 

Unfortunately, due to the depth of vetting involved, it normally takes around 6 months to grant DV Clearance. It's not advisable to hand in your notice to your current employer until this process has been completed and clearance is granted. 

Once granted, your clearance is only granted for a set period of time, after which it may be reviewed. Often, DV Clearances are re-evaluated after 5 years, and every 7 years afterwards if there is a perceived need for this. 

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