IT Security: The Career Computing Grads Should Consider

6 compelling facts about IT Security jobs to launch your successful graduate career. 

1. Demand for IT Security Professionals is Escalating.

Traditionally, graduate careers in a degree relevant industry are difficult to come by and highly competitive. Within IT Security, numerous career paths and a vast number of openings mean computing graduates are highly in demand. As a prosperous and growing industry, the main objectives within IT Security are to protect the availability, privacy and integrity of a business' information and data. With these multiple objectives come multiple openings - so the many avenues available ensure graduates have a wide range of options to choose from within the main industry, and demand remains consistently high.

2. The Advance of Cloud Computing has Lead to Increased Security Concerns. 

As cloud technology becomes more prevalent across the business world, the concerns surrounding information security have steadily grown. With high profile media attention covering hacks and attacks like those at Sony & T Mobile, and the emergence of ransomware, the levels of complexity applied to security measures has drastically increased. As data is spread over a large number of devices, and shared users become more common, it is becoming essential for businesses to have the appropriate levels of security in place. The rise in IT Security jobs is reflective of the necessity to comprehensively protect valuable data and the pre-emptive measures businesses are beginning to develop. What this means for graduates is a continued increase in both the number of IT Security jobs and a rise in the scope of positions available. 

Cloud use means more information security jobs-- image by CC/Flickr (

3. There's an Unfortunate Scarcity of Skilled Talent

So look, demand is only going to rise within IT Security as the criminals get smarter and the tech gets more advanced. But as it stands right now, there aren't enough professionals working within the sector to keep up. What this means is that there are a huge variety of roles available to graduates looking to work in computing, and a pretty substantial scope for rapid progression. 

4. There are Some Fantastic Benefits on Offer

Within a fast paced industry which is continuously evolving, the packages and benefits on offer are extremely competitive. As industry demand continues to increase, so too will the rate of pay (great news for job seekers!). 

5. There is a Lot of Investment in the IT Security Sector

The Government and UK business are investing a substantial amount of money in the IT Security sector. In turn, this cash will be invested in the career progression and continued development of those IT professionals looking to climb the career ladder. With a world of opportunity within the IT Security industry, graduates can carve out a rewarding and well paid career. 

6. Excellent Job Satisfaction

Within a typical Information Security role, the duties and requirements are manifold. Operating within a number of industries and solving a wide range of security challenges, Information Security jobs offer a varied, rewarding career filled with challenges, helping businesses to fortify their network and computer security.

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