About us

Established in 2006, Thatcher MCS is an Independent recruitment consultancy with over a decade of experience working as a trusted supplier to leading global organisations in the technology sector.

Our approach is people focussed, inclusive and creative. Innovation born from problem solving is at our core. Some of our most successful recruitment campaigns were built from our clients most complex hiring challenges.

We work with a wide range of organisations across; Systems Integration and Consulting, Public Sector, FinTech, Retail & FMCG and Digital.

Implicit trust and autonomy allows our expert consultant community to be confident, creative and collaborative paving the way to build successful and diverse teams for our clients.

Our Values

Collaboration – working collaboratively in true partnership with our clients to construct creative solutions to complex hiring challenges. We have delivered several high volume public sector recruitment campaigns for global technology practices in recent years.

Change – We understand how fluid the talent marketplace is which is why our agility and willingness for change has allowed us to transform and adapt our business to synchronize with our client hiring strategies.

Inclusion – Building diverse teams should carry paramount importance and sit as a high priority on the agenda of any leader looking to grow their business. Conscious inclusion campaigns, such as, bringing more women in technology are initiatives we fully support and are exemplified by our involvement in Project SHIFT (An initiative to promote under represented talent in the South West technology cluster)

Trust - Trust underpins our entire value proposition. We trust and empower our team to be creative. Our clients trust us to do the right thing! The trust we have built within our client community is based on our everyday actions and behaviours - keeping open lines of communication and being honest is integral to maintaining our trusting relationships

Respect understanding our clients, how their organisations operate and being respectful of the challenges they face crafts an empathetic culture where partnership thrives.